CIA Legacy Awards

The CIA Legacy Awards recognize the valuable contributions of volunteers who move the CIA forward, creating opportunity to tell their stories to inspire the future of the Institute.

Our philosophy of volunteer involvement

Our history is rooted in the strength of volunteers. They founded and continue to grow the Institute through efforts in research, standards development, and education. CIA volunteers share time, knowledge, and objectivity to help ensure the financial security of all Canadians.


CIA legacy tree

Located at the CIA Head Office, the CIA legacy tree captures the names of volunteers who have forever changed the Institute through their volunteer efforts. Green leaves reflect the future volunteers of the CIA, those who are building their legacy. Red leaves display the names of those who have received the Chambers–Brown Legacy Award.

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Award levels

The CIA legacy awards celebrate volunteers who have reached milestones in their volunteer journey.

Chambers-Brown Legacy Award

Established in 2021, this award recognizes the contributions of volunteers who have served 48 terms of service. This award is named after Morris Chambers and Robert Brown, the first two FCIAs to reach this milestone.

Award of Excellence

Reserved for those who have successfully completed 12 terms of service.

Award of Distinction

Granted to those who have successfully completed six terms of service.

Award of Honour

Given to volunteers who have successfully completed three terms of service.

Award of Merit

New in 2021, this award is shared with those who have successfully completed their first term of service.

Chambers–Brown Legacy Award 2021

Morris Chambers

Morris Chambers started his journey as a Fellow of the CIA in 1969. His first volunteer role with the CIA was on the Education and Examinations Committee in 1970 and he has completed more than 50 terms of service since. While Mo’s volunteer efforts span the organization, he has shown a keen interest and dedicated much time to international efforts, ensuring Canadian actuaries have a voice in the global forum. Mo served as President of the CIA (1992–1993) and as President of the International Actuarial Association (2001). As a Star Wars enthusiast like most of his family, the CIA Council was Mo’s own personal Jedi High Council. Mo is described by his peers as a cheerful, positive person who is totally committed to the profession and the CIA. Mo’s long history with, and dedication to, the CIA is reflected in the "Our History" section of the CIA website; his thoughtful and in-depth representation, there, of the CIA’s roots exemplifies Mo’s passion for a strong Institute.

Robert Brown

Robert Brown has been an active member of the CIA since 1977, serving in various capacities to further the profession and protect the public interest. As with any genuine Toronto Maple Leafs fan, Robert has passion, hope, and unparalleled dedication. He immediately immersed himself in volunteerism with the CIA’s Younger Actuaries Committee in 1977 and continues to volunteer today, most recently discussing pharmacare for Canadians. Amongst his many accomplishments, Robert is one of the youngest Presidents in CIA history, serving in this leadership role from 1990 to 1991. His zeal for the actuarial profession did not stop at the CIA; Robert held the role of President of the Society of Actuaries (2000–2001) and was President of the International Actuarial Association (2014). Highly respected by his peers within the CIA, Robert is described as a great thinker with broad knowledge and expertise. These qualities can be attributed to his successful involvement in teaching and research at the University of Waterloo for 39 years. During his tenure with UWaterloo, Robert wrote seven books, more than 60 refereed papers, and was a key contributor in building the university’s reputation as an actuarial leader. The CIA is forever changed thanks to Robert’s willingness to take on challenging assignments and apply his vast knowledge in a meaningful way.

Award of Excellence 2021

Bruce Jones

Bruce Jones is an academic at heart. His passion for education has been made apparent through his long career as a professor at the University of Western Ontario, as well as his tireless involvement in the CIA’s education and research pursuits. Known for his easy-going nature and collaborative approach to problem solving, Bruce played a crucial role in the design and implementation of the CIA’s University Accreditation Program and is now participating in developing the new CIA education pathways.

Pierre Lepage

Pierre Lepage has been involved as a CIA volunteer consistently throughout his career. Since his first role in 1994 as a member of the Task Force on Workers Compensation, Pierre has continually found added value in learning from his peers. A genuine team player, Pierre is known for building consensus and a drive to achieve results. His long tenure with the Committee on Enterprise Risk Management is only one example of how Pierre shares his expertise and inspires others to collaborate.

Jean-François Poitras

Jean-François Poitras has focused his volunteer efforts on education and qualification. The Practice Education Course, more familiarly the PEC, has been a passion of his since he started volunteering. His focus on developing young actuaries is of benefit to the CIA and actuarial profession across Canada. Not only does he apply his wisdom gained over 26 years of designing, implementing, and funding defined benefit plans, he encourages young actuaries to find their confidence by sharing their ideas and opinions. Jean-François’ ideas have reached all of our inboxes over the years through his efforts with the Editorial Panel and then the Seeing Beyond Risk Advisory Group – helping to shape the information delivered to us through CIA News and other outlets. Another excellent way to help our profession stay current an informed.

W. Steven Prince

Steve Prince played an integral role in two very important milestones of the CIA: developing standards and guidance when the role of the appointed actuary was legislated in 1991 and establishing CPD requirements within the profession. Steve has an exceptional sense of humour and is known to take challenges in stride. He has an ability to look beyond technicalities and find focus in the bigger picture, a skill that has benefitted the Institute on more than one occasion. He is also refining the vision for a project oversight group he is currently on to explore how actuarial models might be used in pandemics to help protect Canadians.

Patrick Chamberland

Patrick Chamberland has contributed a great deal to both the investment practice development of the CIA as well as the organization’s governance. Beyond involvement in investment practice, he applied his knowledge to strengthen continuing education programs focused on investments and participated in the discussion on the CIA’s overall continuing education requirements. Patrick served as a director on the CIA Board and contributed to the direction of the development for the member database as well as components of the My Profile features on the CIA’s members-only section of the website.

Award of Distinction 2021

Benoit Miclette

Carole Vincent

David Hart

Donna Mann-Campbell

Kamran Quavi

Mercy Yan

Michael Williams

Nari Persad


Renée Couture

Sheldon Lin

Stéphanie Fadous


Award of Honour 2021

  • Ai Lin Wong
  • Anke Roman
  • Anna Marie Beaton
  • Annie Girard
  • Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald
  • Carolyn Yearwood
  • Catherine Jacques-Brissette
  • Chong Zheng
  • Christopher Cooney
  • Crispina Caballero
  • Dawn Michelle Lindo
  • Gaetano Geretto
  • Houston Cheng
  • Jacques Potvin
  • Joel Cohen
  • Johnny Lam
  • Jonathan Boivin
  • Joseph Kazibwe
  • Justin Pursaga
  • Kevin Gray
  • Kristina Percy
  • Lynn Ling-Ru Guo
  • Maja Dos Santos
  • Mark Simpson
  • Martin Labelle
  • Nancy Brophy
  • Ngoc Thi Bich (Vy) Le
  • Odile Goyer
  • Pierre Bernard
  • Raymond Chiu Hoi C. Tsang
  • Rebecca Rycroft
  • Satnam MacLean
  • Saul Gercowsky
  • Shams Munir
  • Steve Dobronyi
  • Valerio Valenti
  • Zahir Bhanji

Award of Merit 2021

  • Amal Rajwani
  • Amy Chao Gao
  • Benedict Ukonga
  • Benoît-Pierre Blais
  • Candy Dai
  • Catherine Benoit
  • Christian Nadeau-Alary
  • Cory Wiebe
  • Dane Grand-Maison
  • Debarshi Chatterjee
  • Dominic Bourbonnais
  • Elise Maguire
  • François Beauchesne
  • Frédéric Godin
  • Frédéric Matte
  • Harry Li
  • Kali Spencer
  • Kun Zhang
  • Marie-France Fortin
  • Marie-Josée Blanchet
  • Mary Kate Archibald
  • Michael Helewa
  • Nicolas Lévesque
  • Peter McKeown
  • Philip Traicus
  • Qian Ma
  • Ruishi Song
  • Samuel Nadeau
  • Sarah Waked
  • Simon Girard
  • Veronika Molnar
  • Wai Tse
  • Winnie Luong
  • Xiao Elise Rong